Civil Constructions

We Construction Value Is A Dubai Based Construction Company Specializing In The Range Of Civil Works And Buildings. We Are Also Qualified To Undertake Other Types Of Work Including : Ing, Outdoor Buildings Fences Drainage Substation Internal Roads And Access Structures.

Construction Experts

We Have Been Providing Civil Engineering Services For Over 25 Years And Have Completed A Variety Of Projects Including Roads, Drainage Systems And Underground Construction. Structures And Roads Construction

construction Value Offers A Wide Range Of Civil And Structural Engineering Construction Ranging From Steel Structures Erections, Reinforced Concrete Structures And Road Construction In Gravel, Paving Blocks, Concrete, Bitumen Roads And Associated Drainage Structure


Our Company Is Dedicated To Providing A Service That Will Best Meet Our Client’s Needs, At All Times Having An Attitude Of Excellence And Professionalism.

Our Team Of Professionals Is Qualified To Undertake A Variety Of Civil Engineering Works, Which Includes Roads, Drainage Systems And Underground Construction. Our Company Also Specializes In The Construction Of Buildings Such As Offices, Warehouses And Industrial Facilities. Our Works Are Demonstrated Through Our Record Of Successful Projects.

The five stages of construction are:
– Initiation
– Planning
To optimize the investment in your construction management services, it is best to get your construction management provider involved as early in the process as possible. Your construction management provider has technical expertise in the field of construction and can offer additional value to your project the sooner they are a part of your project team.

Preconstruction is part of the planning stage of a construction project.
It involves the definition of the project, identification of potential issues, planning and scheduling, scope, cost estimation, and analysis of needs for the construction project. Proper preconstruction can help you locate time and money-saving opportunities and help inform future decision-making. These services are also a helpful tool for the project owner to better understand the project before committing to a general contractor. It is typically a standalone service and fee separate from construction costs.

General contractors supervise part or all of a construction project. General contractors may specialize in all or some types of construction. Usually, a construction project specializes in one or many types of building like commercial, residential, or industrial. General contractors manage and hire subcontractors while acting as the primary contractor with construction clients. General contractors can be hired by business and property owners, construction management firms, and other construction companies.